A Kitchen the Size of a Postage Stamp

Seems like there are lots of blogs that pronounce their kitchen as the smallest kitchen out there.

I will throw my hat into the ring and declare the diminutive-ness of my space.  

Thank goodness the four burner stove is gas ... its been almost five years since I lived in a home with gas capabilities.  But, culinary school allowed me to turn up the heat on a regular basis.  Side note: I miss the large flat-tops and their consistent heat.  

The oven holds a quarter sheet pan ... really hope my family doesn't come to Chicago for Thanksgiving and expect a full dinner.

No dishwasher or disposal either.  

Perhaps this will be my chance to be creative and push the limits of how much cooking can take place with almost zero available counter space. 

If anyone has tips on using a small kitchen to the max, please comment.