Blue Marble Dairy

It took me a about a year of shopping at Green City Market to sample the milk and yogurt from Blue Marble

The thought of buying milk at a market seemed a little strange at first because, after all, doesn't milk come from grocery stores?  Who buys their milk from actual people that raise cows?  And, on top of that, who sells milk in glass bottles these days?

All Blue Marble products are sold in pint, quart, and 1/2 gallon sized glass bottles.  Kind of a throw back to a different time when milk was delivered to the doorsteps of American families.  And, to be honest, the milk tastes much better.  Like milk should taste. 

The first time buyer has to put down a bottle deposit, but if he or she returns the clean bottle for a fresh one the deposit is applied to the future purchase.  For any returned bottles without another purchase, the deposit is refunded.  I think I have probably gone through almost a dozen bottles of milk and don't remember the last time I bought milk from the grocery store.

True, it is a tad more expensive, and the first purchase costs the most due to the deposit, but it is oh-so-worth-it.  There is actual cream at the top of the bottle ... real cream!  Even in the skim milk which doesn't taste watery like you find elsewhere.

This family owned farm in Wisconsin has been in action for over 30 years.  Their products are pasteurized but not homogenized allowing the molecules in the milk to stay put creating a creamy texture and flavor.  

You can find Blue Marle Dairy products at the Green City Market, but also at speciality stores like the Green Grocer Chicago.

(note: I happen to be a big fan of this microdairy and want to support them; no products were given for this recommendation)