Dill Pickle Food Co-Op


I was in the Logan Square neighborhood last week headed to an ice cream tasting at Provenance.  I knew that the Dill Pickle Food Co-op was nearby and decided to make a quick stop before going home.

The small but deep store had everything from fresh breads to vegetables to loose leaf teas to canned tomatoes.  The narrow aisles take some side-stepping and several "pardon mes" to/from other customers.  There is a good mix of local companies and producers in addition to the usual suspects of grocery brands. I liked the variety of fruits & vegetables as well as the special deal on tortilla chips.  The co-op employees mentioned the bakeries deliver fresh bread very early each morning.  

Customers are a mix of members and non-members; prices are the same for both groups.  Speaking of pricing, the store isn't any more expensive than Whole Foods or other smaller grocery stores.  For shoppers that mainly make purchases from national grocery stores, there might be a bit of a surprise.  

While I would not make the Dill Pickle Co-op a regular store on my list, I would go the next time I am in the area.  It is a wonderful and welcomed addition.

Store details:

Dill Pickle Food Co-op


3039 W. Fullerton Ave (near Sacramento)