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above: picture of a favorite Boston cafe, 3 little figs.

Today is my first full day in San Francisco. The weather is warm, the sky is blue, and there are new sights and smells.

Main to-do for the day was hitting the grocery store. With all of my kitchen tools/pantry items in storage in Boston, its tough to think about what I need, what I can live without, and what could work.

Here's what I bought at the Haight Street Market, a friendly local store that offers a membership. The exact rules seem to be in a grey area, but a discount is much appreciated.

above: tortillas, tortilla chips, yogurt, milk, avocado, cheddar cheese, oats, granola, arugula/spinach mix, eggs, iced coffee

When you moved to a new city, what did you buy on your first grocery store run?

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Sweet tea? I kid, I kid. Wait, not really...
Our first meal was takeout Chinese on New Years Eve as we unpacked. I don't (and this is uncharacteristic of me) actually remember my first shop. I do however remember how it took me several months to make it to Rainbow for the first time. And then my life was changed forever :)