5 ways to use: coconut milk

Up until recently, I had zero use for coconut milk. I looked at the cans on grocery shelves and never gave it fighting chance.

And then I decided to make tacos, and the recipe called for almost a cup of it. And then I wondered what else I could do with the leftovers (not the tacos, those were eaten). I poured the remaining coconut milk into a deli container, and it sat in the refrigerator.

Somehow I found a variety of uses for it. And at less than $3 a can (or less than a dollar at some places), its hard not to give this ingredient a shot.
cold brew coffee: substitute regular milk with the coconut variety. I also use my French press to make cold brew at home (1/3 cup ground beans, 1 1/2 cups water, let sit for 12 hours, strain, and while drinking, wonder why you didn't try this before)
cornmeal pancakes: use in lieu of buttermilk - the pancakes (or even waffles) don't turn quite the same shade of golden brown, but taste just as good. I like to make a few extra 'cakes to reheat the next day for breakfast.
pork & black bean tacos: giving credit where credit is due, Food52 posted this twist on a favorite. I've also used ground beef and pinto beans. What to do with the remaining pineapple juice will be the topic for a future post.

breakfast quinoa: cook one part quinoa in one part water, one part coconut milk. Once fluffy and spooned into a bowl, pour over a little more coconut milk and top with some toasted almonds.

rice pudding: similar to the breakfast quinoa, use this as a substitute for the other liquids (heavy cream, whole milk, etc).

PS: what other ways to do you use coconut milk?

Sunday Brunch at Dorado Tacos

As a former resident of Chicago, a city known for turning out some serious, authentic Mexican food, I searched high and low for a potential substitute for my favorite taquerias in the Windy City.  Located within walking distance of my home, Dorado Tacos & Cemitas fits that bill.  Dorado offers a short roster of tacos, salads, cemitas, and weekend brunch specialities that capture the flavors from the Baja coast and Puebla, Mexico. 

Weekend brunch offers breakfast quesadillas and tacos with scrambled eggs, queso fresco, salsa, and guacamole.  Additional toppings include house-made chorizo (a favorite), grilled steak, vegetables, and chicken.  My pick for the day was a plate of huevos rancheros and black beans with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

Two sunny side up eggs, corn tortillas, salsa ranchera, queso fresco, scallions & cilantro compose the huevos rancheros.  The eggs don't need a splash of hot sauce due to the fiery punch and bright flavors of the ranchera sauce.  The black beans were perfectly simmered and seasoned.  The simple meal paired well with the Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate.  This steaming cup of chocolate was perfect for a cold day. 


Dorado Tacos & Cemitas
401 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
11 a.m. - 10 p.m.