Chamomile Tea

I found fresh chamomile flowers at the Green City Market and immediately wanted to do something with these cute little plants.  They are mini versions of daisies but have excellent health benefits.  Pleasantly surprised at the flavor, I hope that more of the flowers show up week after week at the market. 

Chamomile Tea
serves one or two

1 cup of fresh chamomile flowers with the stems
honey or agave nectar, to taste

Fill a teapot with water and set it on the stove to boil. Rinse off the chamomile flowers with cool water and remove the stems from the flowers. When the water gets hot, throw in some of the chamomile flowers. About two or three teaspoons of the flowers for every cup of water is a good ratio.

Let the water boil and the flowers steep for a few minutes, then pour the tea through a strainer into a cup.

Add honey or agave nectar, to taste.  Drink and enjoy.